Top 7 Trending and Best Bridal Kaleere Designs 2020

Top 7 Trending and Best Bridal Kaleere Designs 2020

Kaleere or Kalire have been an integral part of an Indian wedding. Check out the Trending and Best Kaleere Designs 2020 for the Indian bride here.

Brides have always loved wearing Kaleeres and these bridal kaleere designs are proofs why we love them and why many brides-to-be love to wear them on their big day. Brides are getting creative and sport the most stunning and unique bridal kaleere. The transformation from traditional bridal kalire to a significant piece of jewelry is amazing as they love infusing tassels, shells, pom-poms and much more to make it look different from others.
Kaleere is a symbol of the love and blessings showered on the bride on her wedding day. As per the traditions, the bridal Kaleere is made of Makhanas (lotus seeds), dried coconuts, and nuts. It signifies good luck and prosperity in the bride’s home. There is a fun and amusing ritual where the girl on whose head part of Kaleera falls when the bride shakes them is the one who will get married next.
The maternal relatives of the bride tie the Kaleere on the bride’s bangles. In recent times, however, kaleeres are available in different styles with readymade bangles that carry kalires. Various designs, colors and sizes are available so that you can choose the one you like.
With overwhelming kaleere designs available, it is hard to choose from. If you are a soon-to-be bride, then we can understand your stress in hunting for the best. Hence, we give you some of the trending kalire designs for 2020 so that you can zero-in on the one best for you.
1. Coconut Kalire
The most traditional Kaleere, it has dried nuts and coconuts embedded in it. The reason for wearing this Kaleere is that the bride who wears this will never have a shortage of food and grains in her life.
2. Mini Kaleeres
Mini Kaleeres are infused with the golden bangles that simply looks elegant. For brides who don’t want to go OTT, this is the perfect Kaleere set.
3. Seashell Kaleeres
Planned a beach wedding? This is the perfect set of Kaleeres for you.
4. Kalire with red stones
The color of love, strength and commitment, red also symbolizes power and passion. These red-stoned Kalires will give you a beautiful bridal look while complimenting your bridal outfit as well.
5. Tassel Kaleere
Gold and heavily embellished stoned Kaleeres can be quite heavy. But these tassel kalire give the brides some relief as they are lightweight, cute, attractive and easy to carry around. Single or multicolored, each tassel kalire is best for those who don’t want to wear heavy kaleeres.
6. Floral Kalire
Ever tried Floral Kaleeres? Made of fresh flowers, these floral kaleeres are a great choice to keep you de-stressed (thanks to its natural fragrance) while keeping your hands lightweight.
7. Gold Kalire
Considered an auspicious metal in India, Gold has predominant importance in Indian weddings. It is also considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold also has significant benefits on the body that emphasizes the need for its demand. This golden Kalire gives a traditional yet royal look with your hands full of mehndi. When paired with the bridal outfit and embellishments, you are sure to look divine and gorgeous.
These bridal kaleere designs for 2020 are ruling this wedding season. We hope you find the best kaleere for your wedding. So, get ready to tap your Kaleere on your friend’s head and create a beautiful memory with these amazing kalires.

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