Top 5 Amazing Bridal Trends to Follow Post COVID-19

Top 5 Amazing Bridal Trends to Follow Post COVID-19

In this guide, we will be talking about Top 5 Amazing Bridal Trends to follow Post COVID-19.

Needless to say, the Coronavirus outbreak has surely affected the wedding industry in many ways and keeping that in mind these bridal trends post COVID-19 better be bookmarked right away. As we are unsure of how or when things will be normal again, we thought it’s best to help you out with the wedding fashion trends after Coronavirus. As of 3rd May, not more than 50 people will be allowed to attend a wedding which means you will be having an intimate gathering of near and dear ones with simple and unique dressing rules.
While everyone wants a big fat Indian wedding, intimate weddings have their unique and special place especially those who like to keep it a low-profile. That said, here are some notes for your intimate wedding post coronavirus.
1. Bridal Fashion Post Covid-19
Even the best-gifted fashion designers have said that the theatrical look should take a back seat now and it’s better to keep things minimal. That’s trending this 2020. Designers will face few issues because many brides now want to wear something which they can wear it again in the future.
2. Bridal looks after Corona
No bride would want to wear heavy bridal lehengas for intimate weddings. Hence, they should go for simpler and pretty sarees which they can use later on. Stunning Kanjeevaram sarees or Banarasi sarees and lehengas look extraordinary and will make you look gorgeous.
3. Jewelry and Accessories for Brides
As the economy drops at an all-time low due to Covid-19, purchase of traditional jewelry, too, has dropped with many brides opting for existing jewelry pieces or buying it online. Indian weddings after coronavirus have surely changed with many relying on virtual shopping. That’s right. Online shopping is trending and many brides go for light jewelry pieces than heavy gold chunks. It’s best recommended to go for contemporary jewelry designs and brands such as Misho designs, Amrapali, Outhouse Jewellery etc.
4. Wedding shopping post lockdown
As the lockdown is getting extended, we realize that the shopping segment is now changed. With no retail jewelry stores and wedding exhibitions available for a long time, virtual shopping is all that is trending and the safest bet, given the fact that people will be scared to visit retail outlets.
5. Minimal Bridal makeup
The old saying, “Less is more” makes sense now. As you are having an intimate wedding, minimal makeup is what you should go for. Bold and over-the-top makeup look won’t be appreciated much and if you consult any makeup artist, they will suggest the same.
Final thoughts
We think these amazing bridal trends to follow post-Covid-19 is what you should consider for an intimate yet beautiful wedding. Fret not. Your wedding will be a memorable affair and we are sure you will look stunning in every way. So, prep already…!!!

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