Top 11 Props for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Top 11 Props for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot? Then, here are top 7 props for your pre-wedding photoshoot that will not only deliver some fun and lovable moments but also leave a memorable impact when you look at the pictures years later.
Check out these super cute props in the shoot. Apart from the props, choosing the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoot and best photographers adds a unique touch to your photoshoot. If you are wondering what props to use, we give you some of the best props to use for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Engagement Rings

Imagine your partner getting on one kneeand asking you to marry him with the gorgeous engagement ring. Romantic, isn’t it? Why not make it a forever image in your wedding invitation or album. A constant reminder of your love, bond and commitment, engagement rings are a great way to use in your pre-wedding shoot.

Flower Bouquets

A must in any wedding, flower bouquets are the quintessential props for pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot list. Use attractive and colorful flowers that pop up the photography and brighten up the arena. Needless to say, flowers give an extra romantic touch to the whole photoshoot. From floral bouquets to floral arrangements or even flower petals, infuse creativity with flowers to make your pre-wedding shoot memorable.

Colorful Smoke Bombs

Color smoke bombs are trending nowadays and the effects they create are simply amazing. Picture surrounded by color clouds that create a dreamy atmosphere. It makes the perfect background for your photoshoot.


The perfect photoshoot is incomplete without balloons. One of the best props for your pre-wedding photoshoot is using colorful balloons that adds vibrancy to the ambience. Having balloons will light up your mood and is undoubtedly the perfect prop for couples of all ages to have fun. Also, a stress-buster it gets rid of pre-wedding jitters and unwanted worries by putting you back in a colorful and positive mood.


Banners are not just limited to the walls. Using them as a prop for your pre-wedding photoshoot is a great way to announce your wedding date OR the names of you and your spouse. Simply hang the banners on the tree/wall OR you and your fiancée can hold each end of the banner.

Parachutes and Sunset

Sunsets are undoubtedly romantic but so are parachutes. Why not combine these two? As you pick her up among the parachutes set in the backdrop of a sunset, the pre-wedding photoshoot could not get any more romantic than this.

Sky Lanterns

A hit in 2019 and still trending is Sky Lanterns. Believed to bring happiness to the couple, sky lanterns are one of the best props for your pre-wedding photoshoot that also signifies light and prosperity to your life as you embark on your new journey.

Striking in Silhouette

Go for a romantic pose against the backdrop of shimmering bright lights as the photographer captures your romantic pose as a silhouette.

Playful Pillows

Pillow fights were so much fun at our childhood. Why not reminisce those moments with your best partner? Use pillows as a pre-wedding shoot prop make it a fun day filled with joy and laughter.

For Music Lovers

If you love music, then using musical instruments such as guitar, piano etc. play a great role as a pre-wedding photoshoot prop. Regardless you can play it or not, all you have to do is deliver the perfect pose and let your photographer handle the rest.

Use Wooden Frames

Strike a romantic pose as you love birds hold the empty wooden frame.You can get a candid shot or go for a romantic pose to make it fun and dreamy.
Now that you have got some super cool props for your pre-wedding photoshoot which are you going to choose? Also, keep in mind that no matter which props you choose, a professional wedding photographer plays a predominant role to create your cherished memories.
So, go ahead and have that fairytale photoshoot and a great life together…!!!

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