Top 10 Budget Friendly Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Top 10 Budget Friendly Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

For the budget brides-to-be, we give you Top 10 Budget-friendly Indian Wedding decoration ideas.

If you think that wedding decorations will look good only if they are expensive, then you are wrong. These low budget Indian wedding decoration is not only stunning but unique as well. Simple and minimalistic décor not only adds elegance but looks classy and sophisticated than what any OTT décor does.
Since you have already paid so much on bridal trousseau, outfit and other things, you can save a good amount on choosing these latest yet simple Indian wedding decoration ideas.
1. Using Marigold and Roses for Floral decor
Floral décor is undoubtedly an integral part of the wedding ceremony. If you are looking for a budget-friendly wedding, go for marigold or rose as they are cheaper than carnations or orchids. Plus, the combination of the shades is sure to look gorgeous.
2. Table centerpieces
Why do you want to spend a fortune on table centerpieces when you can easily use the flower vases and pots at home to create an excellent centerpiece? Trust us, it will look good.
3. Blackboard signboards
Signboards at weddings are trending and we love how couples are experimenting with it. If you are looking for Indian wedding ideas on a budget, then save your bucks by using a blackboard as a signboard. Write the information with chalk as it gives you a rustic feel.
4. DIY Indian wedding décor
Join hands with your friends and create this amazing bridal seat or photo booth. Use colorful tassels and connect them in the wooden board as seen. This is a sure way to save a good amount of money and grab attention. You can also decorate it with ribbons, pom-poms and bridal Kaleeras.
5. Re-use old bottles
Another way to recycle and go eco-friendly is by using old bottles rather than throwing them away. Get creative by using decorative lights, string lights and use it as an attraction at your wedding.
6. Tee-Pee Décor with fairy lights
Tee-pee decors are trending this 2020 and we are simply loving it. Don’t they look cozy and gorgeous? At the night of the Mehendi, throw in the glittering fairy lights at the Tee-Pee as they look attractive and dreamy.
7. Unused sarees
Use those unused sarees as wedding décor which are not used by your family members as mandap decoration. The colorful sarees are an excellent choice and a sure way to impress the invitees.
8. Floral decorated rickshaw or cycle
Use a rickshaw or cycle as part of the wedding decoration. A brilliant idea for photoshoot with the bride and groom and the whole family, this is surely a way to save some money.
9. Kettles and Musical Instruments
Talk to your wedding planner/decorator to bring kettles, musical instruments, pots (matkis) and other unique elements. Bring them together and weave it all to hang them as part of the wedding décor. Your guests will love this unique and creative idea.
10. Origami wedding décor
Origami is a sure way to make your wedding décor look amazing while reminiscing the childhood days. For those of you who don’t know, Origami is the art of folding a paper and making different shapes with them. Talk to your wedding planner or Origami art decorator to recreate this low budge wedding décor idea that is surely trending nowadays.

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