Newlywed Game Questions for Wedding Couples

Newlywed Game Questions for Wedding Couples

In this article, we will give you top Newlywed Game Questions for Wedding Couples. Interesting and funny, it helps the young couple to know more about each other.
Have you played “Cards against humanity?” An interesting game, it digs deep right into the soul yet finds humor in misfortune of the couples. But, as all jokes go, it should not be taken too seriously.
A game played not only to break the ice between the newlyweds but also helping in getting to know each other, these newlywed questions try to snoop deep and meddle with the newlyweds. Though it should not be taken seriously, it helps the couple develop a healthy bond as they grow old and mature together.
Here are some funny questions to ask the bride/groom.
Newlywed game questions to ask the couple

  • What was the first thing that came to your mind when you met your spouse?

  • What was the first lie you told your spouse?

  • Define your spouse in one word.

  • Define your spouse’s relatives in one word.

  • When is your spouse’s birthday?

  • Name one of your partner’s relatives you are attracted to.

  • What is your spouse afraid of?

  • Name the most embarrassing thing you have done as a couple.

  • What words does your spouse use when he/she gets angry or upset?

  • What does your spouse do when he/she gets drunk?

  • What part of your partner’s body are they ashamed of?

  • What is the cheapest gift your partnergave you?

  • How did your spouse describe their ex to you?

  • What is the best way to wake up with your spouse?

  • Who has more ex’s?

  • What kind of movies or tv shows does your spouse hate?

  • How will your spouse react to a flying cockroach?

  • Who is a baby when they get sick?

The best part of these awkward questions is to open up the communication factor between the bride and the groom which they usually find it difficult to ask while dating. Now that they are married, learning more about each other helps in building long-term relationships.
Here are some newlywed game questions to ask the couple that can help them open up difficult topics and inhibit a few problems in the future.

  • Do you think that your partnerspends too much time in front of TV/phones?

  • Who do you think must be responsible for doing household chores?

  • How many children would you want?

  • What does your partnerdo which they should never do in public?

  • What’s the worst thing about your spouse you noticed while dating?

  • What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars and you have only a week to spend it?

  • Which is one fictional character you would like to marry and why?

  • Have you dated more than one person at a time?

  • What do you do to normally impress someone?

  • Who usually starts a fight?

  • Who is the first to say sorry?

  • What is the rudest thing you said to your spouse?

  • What is the rudest thing your spouse said to you?

  • What is the lamest excuse you heard from your spouse?

  • What food is your spouse allergic to?

  • What is your partner’s biggest regret?

  • Where does your spouse want to travel before having children?

  • What is the one thing your spouse is giving up for the marriage?

The newlywed game questions are quite revealing and fun. In fact, what makes it even more interesting is if the interview records the entire Q&A session so that the couple can watch it every few years to learn and see how much they have changed.
Playing the newlywed game questions helps in revealing things which you were too awkward to ask or never knew about your partner. But then now that you are engaged or married, there is no turning back. Let the games begin. The fact is to stay honest. After all, it is the best policy for a happy life.

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