Are Hand Sanitizers Bad for your Engagement Ring?

Are Hand Sanitizers Bad for your Engagement Ring?

Are your using hand sanitizers while wearing your engagement ring? Then, this guide is for you on how to keep your engagement ring and jewellery safe and clean.

Over the past few months, the use of hand sanitizers and soaps are on the peak. Though these disinfectants are protective you, they might be harming something else – your engagement ring. That’s because as it turns out, the aggressive use of hand sanitizers can be detrimental to your engagement ring, says, online diamond retailer – James Allen. For those who are not aware, James Allen is an online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer who started the business in 2006 and has more than 6 decades of experience in the diamond industry.

What is hand sanitizer made of?

Hand sanitizer is a cleaning agent and disinfectant that comes under two types:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are mixed with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin and fragrance.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain the antibacterial, triclosan, an antiseptic like povidone-iodine, and a chloride cleaning agent.
Hand sanitizers are cleaning agents and disinfectants that kill bacteria and prevents the growth of microorganisms. But when you use it while wearing an engagement ring, it wears off the finish on the white gold a bit faster. However, it won’t cause immediate damage. When the jewelry comes in contact with cleaning agents such as chlorine, bleach, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, it breaks down the brilliance of metals and gems over time. In simple terms, your ring might lose its shine and probably won’t come back.
Another disadvantage is that you not only run the risk of losing the lustre of the ring but also mess up the setting as well. “Using hand sanitizers aggressively can loosen the prongs that hold diamonds in place”, says experts at James Allen.
Good to kill bacteria, bad for jewelry
Most hand sanitizers contain 60-95% alcohol. Though alcohol limits the growth of harmful bacteria, it harms your jewelry quality. When we constantly use sanitizer, it’s our jewelry that takes a beating. When used regularly, you will notice the following reaction to your rings, bracelets and hand jewelry accessories.
Diminished brilliance
Dull metal shine
Loss of gemstone luster
Loosened prongs around the engagement ring stone
Buildup between gemstones and metalwork
This doesn’t mean that you should stop using hand sanitizers. Health and hygiene come first than any piece of jewelry. However, there are ways to keep your rock clean and safe simultaneously. If possible, avoid rubbing hand sanitizer or harsh cleaning products directly onto your ring. The best way is to remove the ring, apply the hand sanitizer, let it dry and then wear your ring back on. If at all, you can’t remove the ring, wear gloves to do household chores and cleaning.
It is also recommended to clean your engagement ring and wedding bands at least once a week by soaking the jewelry in warm water and dishwashing soap.
You can also consider removing your jewelry until the outbreak of Coronavirus is officially over.
In such unpredictable times, it is necessary to take control of what you can. In case of your jewelry such as engagement ring, remove jewelry to minimize exposure to toxins and stay proactive with your sanitizer. Give your jewelry a healthy bath every week. When in doubt, remove your jewelry as it’s not worth risking the growth of bacteria to display your bling. Safety comes first…!!!

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