9 Things you should never do while wearing your Engagement Ring

9 Things you should never do while wearing your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the most precious jewelry as it is a token of love and everlasting trust. You would want to flaunt this iconic piece and let everyone know that you are committed. Yet, doing can actually jeopardize your ring. Here are 9 things you should never do while wearing your engagement ring and keep it shiny as new in the years to come.

1. Swimming
It is easy to just dive in the water without giving a second thought to your engagement ring. When the skin comes in contact with cool water, it shrinks, allowing the ring to slide off easily. Hence, be extra cautious while swimming with your ring on.
2. Operating with machinery
While it might be tempting to indulge in jobs around the house, operating machinery while wearing your engagement ring is a risk you must never take. Always keep your ring in a secure place so that it doesn’t get hit by any machinery.
3. Applying lotion
Due to our busy lives, we are in haste while applying moisturizer or makeup. At such instances, we forget that these skincare products can cause the engagement ring to lose its sparkle or lustre. Hence, as a precautionary measure always remove the ring before applying moisturizer.
4. During workout or exercise
While the rock on your bling might seem strong enough, it may not be strong enough to withstand your exercising. The strenuous activity puts pressure on the metal which may cause the ring to alter its original shape. Similarly, weighing machines and free weights can cause the stone to crack with amazing ease. That said, avoid wearing your engagement ring during a workout. Also, do not leave it in the gym locker regardless of how safe you think it is.
5. Cleaning and household chores
Exposure to cleaning products such as disinfectants, bleaching agents, etc. while dishwashing, cleaning the oven etc. while wearing your engagement ring can make it lose the original lustre. Don’t think that wearing a glove is the best precaution. The power of the cleaning products is such that they can pass through barriers.
6. Gardening
Avoid dragging your engagement ring while gardening. The last thing you want is your rock filled with dirt and mud.
7. Primping
Even something as harmless as hairspray can penetrate diamonds, precious gemstones and gold easily so make sure to keep them away from your engagement ring.
8. Cooking
We understand that it might seem like a headache to remove your engagement ring during each and every chore including cooking but yes it will save you plenty of time and heartache in the future. Cooking essentials such as oil can enter the stone and blur the stone causing it permanent damage.
9. Sleeping
Needless to say, you would love to carry your engagement ring around to the point that you even want to sleep while wearing it. This is a bad idea. You might scrape your partner or even slit a hole in your sheets especially if your ring is angular or quite large. We advise to let your ring soak in your ultrasonic cleaner overnight as it will ensure that your ring stays shiny always.

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