5 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Tips for Couples

5 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Tips for Couples

As John Wooden said, “Little things make big things happen”. Similarly, baby steps to a happy marriage begins with an awesome pre-wedding photoshoot. Hence, we give you 5 pre-wedding photo shoot tips for couples.
A well-organized and choreographed pre-wedding photo shoot narrates the love story of the couple and seizes the moments of adoration between the two souls who will be one. It’s also a good way to establish a bond with the photographer and prepare him/her for the wedding day. It will help them create settings and choose locations for the wedding photo session.
The key to successful pre-wedding photo shoot for couples include whole load of energy, inspiration and the power of love that creates the masterpiece.
If you are doing traditional photoshoot poses, fashion clicks or glam pictures, the photographer is the one that does most of the job. However, the last word is yours and hence it is vital that you know all these tips in advance.


Choosing the Style and location

Make sure to stick to a particular style in pre-wedding photos which is quite the successful approach. That said, here are 5 pre-wedding photoshoot tips for couples. These few ideas can be chosen as per the location, budget, season and one’s preferences.

If you are a nature lover and an animal lover, opt for lakes, beaches, seaside clicks, pictures with your pets, horses and even underwater photos. Nothing looks better than setting a unique background for your pre-wedding photo shoot such as a loving couple with a noble stallion, tall, majestic tree or a colorful butterfly.

Night shoots are incredibly beautiful as the shadows of the night come in play and make the moment look different. If you love the mystery of the darkness, then night photo shoots are a great idea.
Moreover, there is no chance your friends share similar photos which makes your pre-wedding photoshoot all the more unique and hit. While night photography is harder for cameraman, it is definitely worth the effort.

As this world is filled with rich and diverse cultures, portraying your cultural roots was, is and will always be a popular pre-wedding photo shoot idea. You can always be unique in your own way.
Just choose the right location and imprint your cultural and natural vibes in the photographs.
Glamorous photographs are a great way to convey sexuality and fire in your relationship.
Sophisticated hairstyle, long sooty lashes, red lipstick, high heel shoes and the tempting look of the bride matches the solid tuxedo and shiny black shoes on the groom that creates a stunning, glamorous ensemble.

If you want the nature to breath subtle emotions to your pre-wedding photo shoot then a few rainy photos at the end of your photo session will be priceless.
Rain infuses your photos with rebellion, passion and many other emotions which we don’t experience in our day-to-day life.
Note: It may happen that you two may have different viewpoints on the photo shoot. The best way is to create a long story with one style that transforms gradually to the other and in this way telling the world of how two opposite viewpoints merged into one strong unbreakable bond.
Key points to remember:
While the photo shoot style and location usually go along, there are few other points to consider.
(a)      Storytelling
the first thing that comes to mind is combining two personalities and pondering how to create the best story line for an awesome pre-wedding photoshoot.
Think what makes you two special – consider the most precious moments which unites you.
The pre-wedding story may begin by the place where you first met, first holiday or when the proposal was made.Also, include your personal traits such as favorite clothes, favorite hairdo etc.
(b)      Season and style
Considering the weather conditions is always a wise decision as it also helps in avoiding extra expenses.
You cannot take summer pictures in winter (unless you are thinking of shooting indoors on a studio). Similarly, opting for tourist places or popular locations in the peak season can be a disadvantage.
Last but not least, make sure that you match your fashion gear with the weather.
(c)       Budget
Balancing wedding and pre-wedding budgets can be challenging as no one wants to sacrifice the quality or the number of photos taken. However, this does not mean that you should not seek ways to save money on a wedding photographer.The best way is to find a proportion that would fit both you and the photographer.
2.    Research well while choosing a photographer
As you have already chosen the style and the budget, choosing the photographer is a breeze. Here are few tips for that.
(A)     Beginners with strong portfolios might be a bargain
It is a common misconception that higher quality means higher price. However, it’s not true always. There are many talented amateurs without hefty price tags who offer exceptional services.
If your budget restricts you to hire all-star professional photographers, go for undervalued gems on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. Check their portfolios of photographers who fit your bill.
(B)     Choose relevant examples
While one cameraman may be good in one and bad at another. Hence, don’t bother browsing through the entire collection – pick the one that’s important to you.
Pick few portfolios, view the photo shoots, the quality infused so that you get an idea of what to expect from the photographer.
Make sure to choose recent items from the portfolio because old examples may not depict what you can expect from your photo shoot.
(C)     Meet the photographers
A personal meet with the photographer before hiring them is a must-be. Do NOT hire a photographer till you meet them in person regardless you loved his portfolio.
That’s because it happens that interpersonal communication, posture and other subtle things can be noticed only when you meet the photographer personally.

Have a break before the photo shoot

The stress of wedding can take a toll on your health and mind. Therefore, it is important to stay in good shape – both mentally and physically unless, of course, you want to look overworked on your photos.
Take a few days off before the photoshoot. While photoshop can work wonders, it certainly cannot convert a fake smile into a genuine one. Also, it cannot add fun, enjoyment and love vital in abundance during the shoot.
One good way to relax is work out, eat healthy and also browse through wedding pictures collections. There are so many sites such as Unsplash, Pixabay, Getty Images, etc. where you will find amazing wedding pictures that will touch your heart. Plus, you will get many ideas to use them in your photoshoot as well.

Trust your cameraman

We presume you have chosen a professional photographer. If so, trust his experiences in that area.
This doesn’t mean abandon your ideas but just be kind enough and allow your photographer polish them efficiently. Stick to his advice on the location, decoration, shooting time, poses, edits and other little things proved effective by experience.
As practice makes perfect, there is no reason you should mistrust your photographer.

Wrap Up

Creative pre-wedding photography ideas can take a good chunk of your budget. The positive side is that it is an extremely competitive and versatile world which gives you room to get creative.

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