10 Reasons Why you Need a Wedding Planner

10 Reasons Why you Need a Wedding Planner

Do you know that almost 96% of engaged couples find it stressful to plan a wedding? 40% say that the whole planning process is not just stressful but “very stressful” and in some cases “extremely stressful”.

If you are planning a wedding, don’t let stress ruin these moments of joy. Make a wise choice and hire a wedding planner. Here are 10 reasons why you need a wedding planner and how they can make your life easy.
1. Save Time and effort
Weddings are a rare and memorable event which calls for planning it way ahead – weeks and months before. The food, location, flowers, table arrangement etc. are details that can be handled easily by a wedding planner.
When you hire a wedding planner, you are free to focus on things that really matter such as grooming yourself, get back in shape, shop for bridal dress, and so on. This way you don’t have to waste your time on pesky details of communication and planning.
2. Pay attention to details
There are some details which need your complete attention such as what would the bridesmaids’ dress would be, color coordination etc. However, it can be difficult to get even the minute detail right especially if you are trying to handle everything on your own. The benefits of hiring a wedding planner are that they make sure that there is nothing amiss on your special day.
This takes a huge lift off your shoulders – so you no more need to be the wedding perfectionist. Let your wedding planner ensure that everything is handled efficiently.
3. Staying on Budget
Many people are under the presumption that wedding planners are expensive. However, it’s the opposite. A wedding planner can save you a good amount of money while keeping you on budget. You must be having an idea of how much you want to invest in your wedding. But are you aware of how to cover everything properly within the budget? Maybe not. Unless you love math and spreadsheets, it is best left to the wedding planner.
One of the reasons to hire a Wedding planner is because they have hands-on experience in calculating your budget wisely and they know how to use the funds methodically. Once they have a rough idea, they will discuss the budget with you so that you are aware that the money is spent exactly the way you want to have your dream wedding.
4. Setting the perfect timeline
Having a timeline has an important role in your wedding. You need to have the right time for everything so that you don’t have to rush into any elements.
A wedding planner knows how to time everything as they have done it before. This way you can be confident that everything will flow smoothly. Visualize your wedding day and discuss with them so that everything falls under the timeline while keeping up with your requirements.
5. Choosing Vendors for your wedding
All vendors are not equal and who knows best than a wedding planner. Ask your wedding planner as they can give you good recommendations.
It is a known fact that some wedding planners get referral fees from vendors. However, they won’t certainly recommend someone bad even if they get a tiny compensation as it would tarnish their reputation. Of course, some wedding planners just give good referrals without accepting any returns.
6. Helps you relax and enjoy the D-day
A wedding planner doesn’t only help you with the arrangement of the wedding but also lead you up to the wedding and make sure you D-day goes perfectly. You don’t want to be all over the place on your wedding day focusing on the minute details. After all, it’s your day to shine and look at your best. Let a planner handle all the things such as lighting the candles, putting out the desserts or arranging the tables. You just sit and relax with a glass of champagne in your hand.
7. Leave nothing behind
As you are leaving the wedding venue, it’s easy to forget things such as gifts or any other accessories. A wedding planner will save you from kicking yourself in case you leave anything valuable at the wedding venue. The wedding planner ensures that nothing is left behind so you can walk out of the venue with relief.
8. Fresh and Creative ideas
We don’t want cookie-cutter wedding anymore. We are born unique and definitely want our wedding to be different from all. As there are so many fresh wedding ideas, it can be overwhelming. A wedding planner can certainly help at such instances by delivering the ones that are unique to make your wedding feel special.
Wedding planners are aware of the latest trends and classic ideas for wedding inspiration. Consider their ideas and go with the one that works best.
9. Get wonderful accommodations
If you are planning a destination wedding, you will obviously need a hotel. Hotels are great even for marriages that are closer to your home. They take care of travelling the guests back home at the end of the night after the wedding party.
Many wedding planners are great at hotel negotiations. They will be able to get the block reserved at the best price possible and negotiate an upgrade for you.
10. Have it in black and white
Contracts are a vital part of any wedding. That said, you shouldn’t try to handle the fine print alone. Wedding planners have read hundreds of contracts before and know exactly what to look for. So, make sure to discuss with them and then sign.
So, are you ready to hire a wedding planner?
Keep in mind that when you hire a wedding planner, you are making a valuable investment in yourself and your partner. Wedding planners save your money and make your wedding a memorable day.
If you are trying to do it on your own, there is not much guarantee that things will go as the way you planned. Weddings can be unpredictable when it comes to last-minute issues.
The benefits of wedding management are to support you so that you can easily handle the unexpected with absolute grace and confidence.
Each couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. A picture-perfect wedding is one of the best and memorable days in any person’s life. To have an ideal wedding, it is important to come up with proper planning. Hiring a wedding planner will give you an edge to achieve success on this occasion.

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